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Issue 2 is out, and it's all about Radiation. We start with "High Price" by Robert J. Mendenhall, a story of the rise and fall of superheroes in a city that worships them and the quest of a young scientist to find out the origin of their power. We continue with "Ishaya" by Paul Matthis, a tale of magic and mystery, where a team of two warriors must infiltrate the dangerous Ishaya, a deadly land where giant monsters roam and hidden societies dwell. Last but certainly not least, we have Mike Sherer's "Womb", a mind-bending story which takes the reader and bends its expectations. Our protagonist finds himself transported from his desolated world into a heavenly garden where a sentient voice guides him through.

While the stories are completely free to read on our website, our Patreon supporters have access to .epub, .mobi, and .pdf format downloads alongside other benefits. If you want to help us pay our authors the remuneration they deserve for their hard work, please consider helping out.

We also offer the magazine at the Kindle Store. Issue 1, Issue 2.

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What is PurpleProse, you ask?

Short version: It's a non-profit magazine that publishes a bi-monthly curated list of short stories to the public for free. Every issue has a different theme, such as dystopia for August, radiation for October, and Megastructures for the upcoming issue.

Long version: It's a non-profit magazine created by people just like you, who believe quality fiction stories--those with a good flow and an engaging plot--are simply hard to come by. Sometimes they can be behind a paywall or may end up disappointing you despite the hype that surrounds them.

That is why a different fiction theme is picked for every issue and submissions are open for anyone willing to send in their stories. Our small team of editors and fiction enthusiasts then read every single submission we get and handpick the ones that make us take a deep breath once we've finished. Those stories that make you think, that surprise you, and sometimes simply make you want to read them again.

Each issue is made up of the top stories recived and is published on our website alongside an ebook (.epub, .mobi, and .pdf formats) exclusive for our Patreons to download as well. We also offer the magazine at the Kindle Store.

Our authors are showcased and paid for their work, but we hope to increase the amount of this payment with help from our supporters in order to repay their hard work and bring quality fiction to all by the click of the mouse.

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